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classes and reservations

Lodge and Gold: Permanent room & bunk assignment and year-round access to the lodge with a key. They receive first preference and are guaranteed their room & bunk when a reservation is made.

Associate and Race: Access only on organized weekends or when full lodge members are at the building. This is a limited membership.

Summer: Limited membership.

Reservations: Members can make reservations for themselves and their guests. January through March weekends are the busiest time of the year, and reservations are recommended. Reservations need to be made no later than 10 PM on the Wednesday preceding the weekend. Guests must make reservations through their member sponsor. If you need a sponsor one will be assigned from our Membership Committee. During the off-season, no reservations are required for members.

Meals: On Saturday nights during the ski season (known as organized weekends), family-style dinners are prepared and served by a team from the club’s membership. A fee is charged. A comprehensive selection of self-serve breakfast food is also provided for a charge.


Other information

Meetings: Meetings of the membership are held at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of the month in September, November, March and April.

Work duties: Small chores are assigned on the January through March weekends to keep the lodge clean and in order. Members are required to sign up for one work weekend a year.

Committees: Members are required to serve on one club committee. Committees vary in their time commitments, but most have a few meetings a year. They consist of: Building & Land, Finance, Membership, Newsletter, Lodge, Social, Ski Racing, Fund Raising and Long-Range Planning.

What else? Becoming a member does have some requirements, which are designed to encourage you to get involved in the club and meet the other members. To be eligible for membership, you must spend six nights over three “organized” weekends (winter or special summer holiday weekends) at the lodge, attend one general meeting and introduce yourself to the board of directors and other members of the club. Your sponsor will help you with this. All members are required to attend one General Membership Meeting each year.

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